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Four Good Reasons to Listen to Heavy Metal


Heavy metal is wild, loud, and full of passion, but it has never been greeted warmly in the mainstream due to its uncontrollable, rebellious nature and the fact that those unfamiliar with its sonic aesthetics view it as too noisy and chaotic. But those who love metal understand well why the genre is so appealing; it nourishes the souls of its fans, helps us ease depression and bring us out of distress, and provides us with an emotional outlet through which to vent. Metal may not work for everyone, but metalheads understand how our favorite genre can change someone’s life. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Metal Can Boost Your Mood

Although any music genre is capable of being a mood-booster as long as you love it, that’s particularly true for heavy metal. Metal can instantly lift one’s mood and make them think positively, and can actually help some people change their perception of life.

2. Acts as an Anti-Depressant

Those who listen to heavy metal and other “violent” music are less likely to experience depression than those who listen to other music genres that are considered “non-violent.” Psychologists also agree that those who listen to heavy metal are more likely to stay calm and feel satisfied. Metal can help take the edge off of those who listen to it and acts as an anti-depressant to help them relax and be in a good mood.

3. Helps Release Anger

Metal is known for its aggressive crowd behavior including moshing and headbanging, which is no surprise given its energetic nature. Ample research has been done on the outcomes and effects of listening to heavy metal, showing that it can actually help divert anger into a positive mood. While many people assume that heavy metal stimulates anger in people, the opposite is true: it can help someone release their anger in a healthy way and result in increased positive emotions. Give metal a chance to process your anger into something positive and use a mobile money transfer app to buy your tickets to the next metal music show.

4. Improves Workouts

Metalheads know this well, but for your skeptical, non-metal friend, tell them to listen to some Metallica while they work out and watch the magic happen. They’ll feel energized and motivated like never before, they’ll work longer and harder, and they’ll come back raving about how metal is for them. Whether it’s bodybuilding, cardio or high-intensity interval training, metal can inspire your workout by helping you lift your energy levels and pushing your limits.

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