“Drown With Me”: Make Them Suffer Debut “Really F*cked Up Love Song”


Falling in love is scary. You will never be in a more vulnerable position, and if you’ve had your heart broken before — and who hasn’t? — then you will inevitably have some shit you have to work through in order to make a new relationship work. This is a simple, if unpleasant, universal truth.

Australia’s Make Them Suffer certainly understand this. The band describes their new song, “Drown With Me,” thusly:

“‘Drown With Me’ is just a really fucked up love song. Love can be beautiful, but also dark and terrifying. The lyrics ‘Take my hand, don’t be scared, drown with me if you can’ beckons the listener to take the plunge into the unknown.”

Which is, as I said, too, too true.

More importantly, though? “Drown With Me” is also a killer tune. It’s got a groove that is just OBESE, and a hook so strong the Cenobites from Hellraiser are thinking of co-opting it. Skip it at your own peril.

Check out “Drown With Me” below. The track will appear on Make Them Suffer’s forthcoming album, How to Survive a Funeral. The record still doesn’t have a release date, but it’s expected sometime this summer on Rise Records.

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