Stream The Acacia Strain’s New EP, C

  • Axl Rosenberg

I’m delighted, if not exactly shocked, to report that The Acacia Strain have released their third two-song EP in as many months: C follows February’s D and last month’s E. When E came out, I predicted that the next few EPs would be called A, T, and H, but obviously that was incorrect. Now I’m now quite sure what, if anything, the band is spelling. Deck? Decay? Decaf? Deconstruction? I’d love it if were Deconstruction, because that would mean we’re getting another ELEVEN of these things, but that’s probably overly-optimistic of me.

Maybe they’re spelling something backwards? Aced? Maced? Paced? Laced?

Maybe they’re not spelling anything. Maybe the letters mean something else entirely! I feel like we’re on an episode of Lost.

ANYWAY, you can stream C below. The two tracks it includes are called “Crossgates” and “I Breathed in the Smoke Deeply It Tasted Like Death and I Smiled. As has been with the case with all of these releases thus far, one of the two songs — “Breathed” — features a guest appearance, this time from Left Behind vocalist Zach Hatfield.

Blast it:

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