Korn Frontman Says New Bands Sound “All the Same to Me, There’s No Originality”


Today in out-of-touch old men ranting about Kids These Days who need to get the frig off their front lawn, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis categorically invalidated all the new music today’s young bands are making in a recent conversation with Heavy1 TV. Jonathan Davis, the arbiter of cool, the sultan of suave!

The interviewer asked Davis what younger bands and music he’s been listening to — a fair question for someone of his stature — and here was his response:

“The majority of new music coming out, it just sounds all the same to me, there’s no originality. So I’ve been listening to music from the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s, I call it Murder Music.

“It’s very dark, and I appreciate it because it was done – the way it was recorded, there was no – computers or anything, you had to be a badass musician to do that stuff, so I really liked it. So the ’30s, ’40s, and I listen to a lot of the stuff from the ’70s.”

Murder Music — so edgy! No computers — so original! Going back nearly a hundred years to find music that’s more “authentic” — so avant-garde!

There has never been more amazing music available for consumption than there is right now. Anyone who claims there isn’t clearly just isn’t looking very hard.

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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