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Marry, F*ck, Kill: Great Metal Albums Edition


Surely, you’ve all played some version of this game in the past. But for those of you who haven’t, here are the rules:

Listed below are fourteen great metal bands, along with three of their best albums (sometimes these albums were released consecutively, sometimes not). You have to choose which album you’d marry, which album you’d fuck, and which album you’d kill.

For the purposes of this game, we’ll define “marry,” “fuck,” and “kill” as:

  • Marry – You get to keep listening to the album as many times as you want for the rest of your life.
  • Fuck – You can listen to the album one more time, and then never again.
  • Kill – All copies of the album around the world are immediately destroyed. You can never hear it again.

Get it? Good. Have fun making some difficult decisions…

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Master of Reality

Metallica: Master of Puppets, …And Justice for All, The Black Album

Slayer: Reign in Blood, South of Heaven, Seasons in the Abyss

Megadeth: Peace Sells, Rust in Peace, Countdown to Extinction

Anthrax – Spreading the Disease, Among the Living, State of Euphoria

Death – Leprosy, Spiritual Healing, Symbolic

Cannibal Corpse – Butchered at Birth, Tomb of the Mutilated, The Bleeding

Morbid Angel – Altars of Madness, Covenant, Domination

Slipknot – Slipknot, Iowa, Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)

Pantera – Cowboys from Hell, A Vulgar Display of Power, Far Beyond Driven

Tool – Undertow, Ænima, Lateralus

Korn – Korn, Follow the Leader, Issues

Lamb of God – As the Palaces Burn, Ashes of the Wake, Sacrament

Gojira – From Mars to Sirius, The Way of All Flesh, L’Enfant Sauvage

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