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Scorpions Release New Single; CIA Involvement Unconfirmed


With no prior warning whatsoever, Scorpions have dropped a new single, “Sign of Hope.” As you may have guessed from the title, the track includes lyrics that are highly appropriate for the current, coronavirus’d state of the world. Which makes the song something of a mirror image to the band’s 1990 megahit, “Wind of Change,” which was so popular that it became the unofficial theme song for the fall of the Soviet Union and Berlin Wall a year after its release.

In fact, some people believe “Wind of Change” was actually secretly written by the United States Central Intelligence Agency to help move the aforementioned fall of the USSR along faster (a subject which will be explored in an upcoming podcast series). Which naturally leads us to wonder if the CIA wrote “Sign of Hope,” too. Even the titles bear some resemblance.

My guess is that they either did not have anything to do with “Sign of Hope,” or, if they did, the inevitable change of personnel in the thirty years since the release of “Wind of Change” has left The Agency with a dearth of songwriting talent. There’s good cheesy, and there’s stock photos of children cheering beneath a rainbow and old people holding hands and a couple sharing a kiss upon a bicycle cheesy. I’m saying “Sign of Hope” isn’t a pimple on the ass of “Wind of Change,” quality-wise.

Still, knock yourself out if you want:

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