Someone Made a Hazmat Suit for Going to Concerts

  • Axl Rosenberg

To what lengths would you go in order to be able to experience live music again without fear of contracting COVID-19? Would you give up moshing and stage diving? Would you practice social distancing in a comically under-filled venue? Or perhaps you’d be open to wearing a full-body condom?

The Los Angeles design firm Production Club is banking on the latter option. The company, lead by Miguel “Mike 808” Risueno, has designed what they’re calling the Micrashell, which is basically a hazmat suit for going to concerts. The suit not only includes N-95 filters, but LED lighting accents, for the purpose of making the suit look cool so people don’t mind wearing it, and snap-in canisters for drinking and vaping, so you never have to remove the helmet and expose yourself.

The idea, apparently, is that concertgoers would would rent the suit from the venue, kinda like bowling shoes. That concept strikes me as having all sorts of problems, from the pain in the ass to put on and take off the suit when entering and exiting the venue, to the cost of ensuring that every venue has enough suits in every size to accommodate all attendees, to it being unclear how they’d disinfect the inside of the suit in-between users, to the fact that nobody wants to smell the B.O. of the idiot who rented the suit before them. It would be more ideal for everyone to have their own suit for a myriad of reasons, from those aforementioned to the fact that you could decorate your own suit in stickers of bands you like, making the Micrashell a faux-battle vest. But I assume the suits are prohibitively expensive, so that idea is probably out.

You can watch a NBC 4 New York video report on the Micrashell below. Then head to the comments section to discuss how you’d feel about dressing up as Slipknot’s nerdiest-looking member to go see a show.

[via Metal Insider]

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