Spirit Machines Mash-Up Tool and Led Zeppelin – and Tool Digs It


Now, I know what you’re thinking: Another day, another mash-up. Hey, I get it.

But this amalgamation of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” and Tool’s “Sober” — dubbed “Zober” — is different! For two reasons:

  1. It’s performed by an actual band, Spirit Machines, and wasn’t just created from pre-existing recordings by a clever DJ on his computer.
  2. It comes with an endorsement FROM Tool.
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“Zober” by @spiritmachines ????????????

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And it’s not hard to believe that someone in Tool, or whomever Tool pays to run their social media accounts, found it worth sharing: it seriously rocks. So. Skip it at your own peril…

[via Metal Insider]

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