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Protest the Hero’s Palimpsest Will Be Released a Day Early

  • Axl Rosenberg

This Friday, June 19, was supposed to see the release of Palimpsest, Protest the Hero’s first new full-length album in six-and-a-half years (the Pacific Myth EP acted as a stop-gap in 2015/2016). But as it turns out, fans will be getting the album a day early, on Thursday, June 18.

The reason? The band wants to be respectful to Juneteenth, the holiday that celebrates the freeing of Texas slaves in 1865:

“Many months ago, when we set the date of our record release, we decided on the date of June 19th. When we realized our scheduled release day coincides with Juneteenth, we didn’t feel right about celebrating our album when we should be observing the holiday. Recently we have been doing our best to look inward and acknowledge our prejudice and privilege. In doing so, we must recognize the importance of Juneteenth, and we don’t want to detract from it in any way. Palimpsest will now be released on Thursday, June 18th. Detailed information on where/how you can purchase/stream the record will be provided tomorrow [Tuesday, June 16].”

Looking inward and acknowledging our prejudice and privilege is what many, if not all, of us should be doing right now. So this is a good move. It also sets a great example for the band’s fans and the rest of the metal community to show respect towards an important anniversary that doesn’t always get its due. The fact that the Palimpsest album cover, which was created by  by Martin Wittfooth, features the American flag makes PtH’s decision all the more necessary and meaningful.

Protest the Hero’s Palimpsest Will Be Released a Day Early

And, yes, I know the band is Canadian. Clearly they understand that doesn’t mean they’re excused from the current discussion the world is having about race.

Meanwhile, other bands — perhaps most notably, Lamb of God — also have albums set for release on Friday; we’ll see if anyone else follows Protest the Hero’s lead.

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