Vince Neil Says His Neighbors Are Trying to “Cover up” the “Brutal Murder” of His Dog


Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil has taken to social media to report that his dog, California Wolf Neil — a.k.a. “Cali” — has been “brutally murdered on our front door by two evil neighbor dogs.” Although he claims to have caught the canicide on his home security cameras, he also says that this his “neighbors are trying to cover [the murder] up.”

Let me begin by saying that regardless of whether or not the neighbors actually did kill his dog, I understand how painful it is to lose a beloved pet. If anyone ever laid a finger on my dog, I’d go full John Wick. I am squarely in the -(16)- camp here. I am not trying to downplay the hurt Neil is feeling right now.

Having said that…

Holy crap, is Neil’s statement ever tone deaf:

“With a heavy heart we share the news that our beloved California Wolf Neil has gone to heaven. Her passing was tragic. She was brutally murdered on our front door by two evil neighbor dogs, which is caught on our security cameras. Our neighbors are trying to cover it up and say that she ran two football fields to their pasture and their long horn steers killed her!! Please pray for her justice because her killers are still running free!! Cali touched every person she came in contact with and was loved by all. We wish we could have her back. But we know it’s the circle of life and she will come back to us in her next life. Thank you all for your support and love during these difficult times. We will be posting and sharing more photos of her as we have almost 6 years of beautiful memories with her. She had the ‘it factor’ and was perfect in every way. She had a pure soul, loved with her whole heart and could never hurt a soul. We always prayed for her protection and that she would never feel any pain. She had a beautiful life and a horrific sudden end. But she’s in heaven now and she got her wings 🧚🏽‍♀️ We will be patiently waiting to see her again 💎 #justiceforcali#rip 7-8-2014 – 6-18-2020″

The language Neil uses here — like “her killers are still running free” and the #justiceforcali hashtag — feels very familiar from recent weeks… and that’s because people have been using it to discuss the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and other innocent African-Americans who have needlessly killed by the police. Like I said, I am completely, 1,000% sympathetic to Neil’s plight. I just don’t think this is the time to go on social media and talk about a dead dog the same way we talk about victims like Eric Garner, Philando Castile, and John Crawford.

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