Enlarge Lamb of God at Resurrection Fest 2019. Photo credit: Javier Bragado.

These are the Top 10 Lamb of God Songs of All Time on YouTube


Ever wondered how various artists from throughout the metal and hard rock communities stack up against one another when it comes to YouTube views, Apple Music streams, pure album sales, ticket sales (back when those were a thing… and when they become so again) and other metrics? Stream N’ Destroy is a newsletter that features all of those things and then some. Compiled by metal journalist and manager Ryan J. Downey, Stream N’ Destroy, which arrives a couple of times a week, has quickly become one of our most anticipated reads the moment it hits our inbox.

From time to time we’ll be highlighting excerpts from Stream N’ Destroy here on MetalSucks. And today, in light of the recent release of Lamb of God’s self-titled album — which landed at #15 on the Billboard 200 chart — well highlight the top ten Lamb of God songs of all time according to YouTube views.

While most of the list features songs from the band’s past, things are pretty spread out within that span, ranging from tracks on Ashes of the Wake (released in 2004, added to YouTube in 2010) all the way to VII: Sturm und Drang (2015), which is impressive; no one era of the band dominates the list. One of the top spots goes to a song from the band’s new album, “Memento Mori,” which is also impressive given it’s up against the popularity of the band’s back catalogue. Also neat: a cover of “Ghost Walking” from The Voice of Germany last year made the chart.

Here’s the list:

  1. “Redneck” (10 years) 28M views
  2. “512” (5 yrs) 14M
  3. “Ruin (Stereo)” (10 yrs) 13M
  4. “Laid to Rest” (9 yrs) 12M
  5. “Walk with Me in Hell” (10 yrs) 9.7M
  6. “Overlord” (4 yrs) 7M
  7. “Set to Fail” (10 yrs) 6.2M
  8. “Ghost Walking” The Voice of Germany (9 months) 6.1M
  9. “Memento Mori” (3 months) 5.9M
  10. “Vigil” (6 yrs) 5.6M

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