Ghoul Unleash New Track, “Nectarnomicon”


The press copy accompanying Ghoul’s new single, “Nectarnomicon” is just mwah! *chef’s kiss* It begins like this:

“Everyone’s favorite masked mutants, Ghoul, are back with ‘The Nectarnomicon,’ a slime drenched single slab of atonal protoplasm straight from the stygian bowels of Creepsylvania…”

Grade-A wordsmith work right there, really fantastic stuff. I’m breaking up the quote for dramatic effect, because the juxtaposition of what comes next in the above sentence is perfection:

“… and only available on Bandcamp!”

The most creepy, crawly, spooky platform of all! You love to see it.

Guitarist and vocalist Digestor adds that the song was recorded four years ago, and while he doesn’t explain why it’s just coming out now I think we can all assume because pandemic. Although who really cares why? New Ghoul!

Listen to “Nectarnomicon” below. Ghoul also encourage you to tune into their YouTube channel “for advice, cooking recipes, aimless wandering, and more,” and invite you to join TheRealDigestor and DissectorGhoul on Twitch Saturday nights at 9pm PST to watch as “they get mercilessly slaughtered over and over and over in Far Cry 5, Mad Max, and whatever bass fishing game was free that week!” Sounds like fun!

Good stuff all around, people.

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