New Website Randomly Generates a ’90s Festival Bill, Complete With Live Footage


If you’re feeling nostalgic for the ’90s and bummed out that there won’t be any summer music festivals this year, boy oh boy, do we have a website for you!

It’s called The ’90s Festival Generator, and as you can probably guess, it will randomly generate a ’90s festival bill for you. Like so:

Better still: click on the name of any given artist on said bill, and it will bring up a video of a entire set by that artist, filmed during the appropriate era.

The only downside is that when I say the bill is randomly generated, I do mean randomly generated: it doesn’t ask you any questions about your music preferences, or give you an option to favor a particular genre. So there’s no way to, for example, create a metal-centric fest.

Still, the site is a lot of fun. I mean, it’s pretty wild to imagine that there might have been a time when Bob Dylan would play somewhere directly before Metallica, y’know?

Futz around with the site here.

[via Kerrang!]

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