The Best Thrash Track You’ll Hear This Week: Bulletbelt’s “Punishment of God”


Shame on me for paying no mind to Bulletbelt all these years… the band is already on their fourth album! ‘Cause hot damn, “Punishment of God” — from their most recent album, Warlords — riiiiiips. Bulletbelt aren’t reinventing the wheel with their brand of hard-charging thrash, but they’ve done a fantastic job refining it, utilizing razor-tight riffing and shout-screams to deliver one helluva whallop in just over three minutes. Cannot dislodge these riffs from my head!

Drummer Steve Francis explains of the accompanying animated video clip:

“Working with animators Lianne Booton, Dane Jacobs, Mike Glasswell and Jared Toth, the concept was to make a fun, fast paced video showing Bulletbelt battling the Church with heavy metal and in the end the power of metal winning through! The goal was to keep it violent, bloody, OTT [read: over-the-top] and put some cool little hidden Easter eggs in for metal and horror lovers.”

Mission accomplished! Check out the video below via Decibel. Warlords is out now; order it here.

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