Mastodon Premiere “Fallen Torches,” Detail Medium Rarities Release


As promised, today Mastodon have released a new song, “Fallen Torches,” and officially announced an upcoming collection of rarities, cleverly titled Medium Rarities.

We actually almost heard “Torches” quite some time ago: the track, which features Scott Kelly from Neurosis, was originally scheduled to be released in January of 2019. At the time, guitarist Bill Kelliher called the new song “brutal” and “a basher,” while drummer Brann Dailor said if was “as heavy as I’ve heard us in a while.” Having now heard the track, I can officially confirm that that is… uh… sorta true? I mean, if you’re expecting some Leviathan-level heavy shit, you’re gonna be let down. If you’re expecting some Blood Mountain-level heavy shit, you’re gonna slightly less let down, but still kinda let down. If you’re expecting something that sounds like it still probably could have been on Emperor of Sand, your expectations are gonna be right on the money. So. Yeah.

Meanwhile, the rest of Medium Rarities will include the band’s contribution to 2007’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, their Feist cover from Record Store Day 2012, a cover of Metallica’s “Orion” originally recorded for a Kerrang! tribute to Master of Puppets, the track they recorded for Game of Thrones in 2015, and more.

Here’s the full track list for Medium Rarities

  1. “Fallen Torches”
  2. “A Commotion” (Feist cover)
  3. “Asleep In The Deep” (instrumental)
  4. “Capillarian Crest” (live)
  5. “A Spoonful Weighs A Ton” (The Flaming Lips cover)
  6. “Toe To Toes” (instrumental)
  7. “Circle Of Cysquatch” (live)
  8. “Atlanta” (feat. Gibby Haynes)
  9. “Jaguar God” (instrumental)
  10. “Cut You Up With A Linoleum Knife”
  11. “Blood & Thunder”
  12. “White Walker”
  13. “Halloween” (instrumental)
  14. “Crystal Skull” (live)
  15. “Orion” (Metallica cover)
  16. “Iron Tusk” (live)

…and you can check out “Fallen Torches” via the below visualizer.

Medium Rarities will be out on 9/11. You can pre-order it here.

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