Uada Slam Marilyn Manson, Say They Were Putting Their Hands Over Their Faces Before It Was Cool


In what I’m assuming is just a troll, questionable black metal band Uada have slammed questionable industrial shock rocker Marilyn Manson for an artificial image in which the singer’s left hand is over his face. They are allegedly upset because they put their left hands over their faces first.

The band seems to be poking fun at people recently noting similarities between album art for Ihsahn and album art Taylor Swift. On Friday, they posted these images of themselves and Manson side-by-side…

…along with this message:

“Recently we have seen claims of similarities found between Ihsahn and Taylor Swift’s new album artworks. Yesterday we were made aware of a resemblance between our signature ‘Left Hand Path’ presence and the new Marilyn Manson promo photo. Coincidence or do you think mainstream artists are paying attention to the underground?”

Again, I assume Uada is just kidding around… especially since the above image is not actually a Marilyn Manson promo photo, but, rather, a shot from the music video for his new single, “We Are Chaos.” It’s not used in the press release for Manson’s new album, also entitled We Are Chaos; it’s not on his Facebook page; it’s not on his Instagram page. And the video is animated, which means Manson ever even physically did what he appears to be doing in the shot (see below).

But if Uada aren’t kidding, well, they should be flattered to learn that they’ve apparently “influenced” a whole lotta people besides just Manson.

Finally, I’d like to note this exchange between Uada and some commenters on their Facebook post, because, well, it made me laugh, and who doesn’t like to laugh?

[via Metal Injection]

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