Video: Westworld Star Evan Rachel Wood Testifies Before the California Senate About Her Abusive Relationship With Marilyn Manson


Lasy year, Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood helped to create the Phoenix Act, which seeks to create exceptions to the statute of limitations for domestic violence crimes in the state of California. Under specific circumstances, the statute of limitations on such crimes would be extended from three to ten years. Such circumstances would include multiple accusers presenting evidence against a single perpetrator, and/or the discovery “of an audio or
video recording, photographs or written or electronic communication that provides evidence sufficient to charge the perpetrator.” The act is largely intended to give victims more time to feel that they can come forward and speak out against their accusers.

On April 23rd, 2019, Wood testified in front of the California Senate Public Safety committee on behalf of the Phoenix Act. During her testimony, she shared harrowing stories of being abused and tortured, both physically and psychologically, by an older man when she was 18-years-old. Wood never names her abuser, she says because he has threatened to kill her or have her killed.


However, it is a matter of public record that when Wood was eighteen, she began dating Marilyn Manson (né Brian Warner), who was 36-years-old (and still married to Dita Von Teese) at the time. Wood also stars in the 2009 video for Manson’s song “Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand),” part of which depicts the couple having sex.

Although Wood’s accusations against Manson would be highly disturbing under any circumstances, they are made all the more so by the fact that in 2017, Manson parted ways with his longtime bassist and collaborator, Jeordie “Twiggy Ramirez” White, after White was accused of rape by his ex-girlfriend, Jack Off Jill frontwoman Jessicka Addams. This suggests that Manson may engender a culture of sexually abusive behavior.

You can watch video of Wood’s testimony before the California Senate Public Safety committee below. Although the video has been available for a year, it has only now been brought to our attention by a MetalSucks reader, and seems worth sharing regardless of how much time has passed since the testimony occurred.

The video comes with a TRIGGER WARNING due the extremely graphic nature of Wood’s testimony:

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