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Scott Ian Thinks Bands That Use Backing Tracks Should Have to Say So on Their Concert Tickets

  • Axl Rosenberg

Do you hate fake bullshit? Man, I hate fake bullshit. There’s nothing funnier — in a sad way, not a happy way — than realizing a band has an invisible member on stage somewhere doing the shit they can only pretend to do. I’m talking about backing tracks, people. Yeah, that crap.

Y’know who else hates fake bullshit? Mr. Scott Ian. In a new interview with Joe Bonamassa’s podcast, Live From Nerdville, the Anthrax guitarist argues that bands that use backing tracks should have to say so on their concert tickets:

“I don’t wanna sound like an old man, but, I mean, come on. Look, I get it — if it’s some kind of giant pop act and giant production, or something like that, or if it’s Pink Floyd doing ‘The Wall’ and there’s recorded stuff — voiceovers, whatever, things like that… But I hate going to a show and I just instantly know all the backing vocals are [pre-recorded].”

Ian continued:

“I think Rob Zombie is someone who does it really well because there’s a lot of stuff going on. You break Rob Zombie down, [and] it’s real simple — it’s guitar, bass, drums and his vocals. And they could do that fine and play their songs. But if you listen to the records, there’s lots of little spoken parts and things from movies and samples, and things like that, so if you’re running those tracks, it’s great, because it adds an attitude and an atmosphere that isn’t there if it’s just the guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. And I think that’s great and that’s fine. But if you’re faking it, no — I don’t buy it.

“I think it should actually be — I don’t know how it could be a law, but I think it should be printed on a ticket, that for bands that are doing that and [for] shows that are doing that, it should say, ’70 percent of the show you’re paying 250 dollars for is pre-recorded.’ It should say it on the ticket.”

Here here! My only amendment to Ian’s suggestion would be that the disclaimer not be put on the ticket, but pop up when you buy the ticket. I mean, once you’ve got the ticket, it’s probably too late to do anything about it. Small detail.

Listen to the entire interview below.

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