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Anthrax are Working on Their Next Album via Zoom and FaceTime


If you didn’t know what Zoom was before the pandemic, you certainly do now. Likewise, if you had the foresight to invest in the company just as shit hit the fan in early March, congratulations, drinks are on you forever! Even with that weird child pornography hiccup back in the spring. As of late April, Zoom had grown from an average of 10 million “daily meeting participants” (you’re counted twice if you join two meetings) before the pandemic to 300 million; holy crap!

Needless to say, musicians are utilizing the conferencing software too — even Metallica mentioned doing so — and now Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has said that the band are using the platform to continue work on their next album, which they had planned to finish this spring and record at some point this year before the you-know-what happened.

In a new interview with Syfy Wire’s Metal Crush, hosted by MetalSucks video correspondent — and Heavy Metal Happy Hour host! — Whitney Moore, Ian detailed where things stand with Anthrax’s next record and explained how the band has continued writing using Zoom (and FaceTime):

“We had already started working on stuff with the intent of finishing it up in the springtime of this year, of ’20, and then maybe getting in the studio and either having a record out later this year or early ’21. But obviously all those plans have now changed.

“We have still been working on stuff through the magic of the Internet. We can do a lot over Zoom and FaceTime, sending music back and forth through e-mail and all that. But we need to really get in the room and work on the arrangements and really play something, like, 30 times until you really understand it and feel like, ‘Okay, this is what this arrangement needs to be.’ But that’s kind of the holdup at this point.

“But we certainly have a lot of material, which makes me very excited about when we can actually get in a room together and [work on stuff].”

Ian and drummer Charlie Benante have both been very active online since the pandemic, participating in a number of cover videos that group together several well-known metal musicians.

You can watch the full interview with Ian below.

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