Fred Durst on Limp Bizkit Band Members: “None of Us Were Ever Friends”


Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland has openly spoke about his gig in Limp Bizkit as a day job lately, and the various side projects and solo material he’s released in recent years underscore that sentiment: he is a very creative fellow beyond what his Bizkit output would suggest.

But now frontman Fred Durst has all but admitted the same, albeit in a different way: in a new interview, he’s said that none of the band members were ever friends, but were in the band partnership together for “the magic that happened when we were together.”

Speaking to Metal Hammer, Durst told the story of how he first came into contact with Borland, recalling how he saw Wes perform with his own band, then met him for the first time performing together on stage after the other band members had taught Wes the songs:

“The first time I saw Wes Borland, he had ponytails and a girly half-shirt on. He was playing in a band called Cronk and was like Les Claypool on guitar, with a little Manson in there.

“I actually met Wes for the first time at our first gig. It was wild but it worked. I made up vocals on the spot! We never took time to consider friendships, that wasn’t part of it. It was just about the magic that happened when we were together … none of us were ever friends.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Durst laments that his music came to define a generation of jocks:

“I always wanted my lyrics to be for people who felt maybe like I did, for victims. I should have made it more blatantly obvious because some of our audience and our fans were not those people. They were the nemesis, they were the opposite, they were the people that I despised and if I change anything it would probably be to make things a little more clear about where I was coming from, trying to segregate the bullies from the victims. The irony of my life is on a stupendous level.”

At least he’s got a little self awareness, eh? Still, I find it fascinating that none of those guys were ever friends… it’s a tacit admission that they teamed up and stayed together for the sole purpose of making money, which makes sense, I s’pose.

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