Video: Fox News Host Gives Moving On-Air Tribute to Power Trip’s Riley Gale


In a powerful example of just how friendly and well-loved Power Trip frontman Riley Gale was, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld paid tribute to Gale — who died on Tuesday, August 24 — on air during yesterday’s broadcast of his show, The Five, by wearing a Power Trip shirt for the duration of the broadcast and closing with a heartfelt minute-long monologue.

The two struck up an unlikely friendship after Gutfeld, a metalhead, used the band’s song “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)” in a December 2017 broadcast, prompting the band to tweet “CEASE & DESIST,” followed by an explanation of why they were upset about the song’s use:

In an interview with Revolver several months later, Riley revealed that he reached out to Gutfeld after the episode, leading to an open dialogue and phone conversation, with Gale stating: “You know, the dude’s pretty anti-authoritarian, believes in a lot of police reform, pro-legalization of all drugs.” Gutfeld and Gale reportedly remained in touch after that, but Gale made sure to point out that in no way had he softened his stance on the network, saying “It’s hard to defend Fox News in any way.”

In Gutfeld’s on-air tribute last night, wearing the shirt Gale had gifted him, he explained that the above phone call lasted for two and a half hours, that the two later met up at a bar (with Riley’s dad!), and that Riley ended up accompanying Gutfeld to a book signing where he helped unpack and hand out books. He also revealed that Gale died in his sleep, a previously unreleased detail. The two continued to stay in contact and had been speaking throughout the pandemic “about everything under the sun,” with Gutfeld saying “it was clear this period was hitting him pretty hard.” He concluded by saying “I’m going to miss him,” and encouraging donations to Dallas Hope Charities in Riley’s name.

I can’t think of anything that speaks to Riley’s amicable spirit — and stories have been POURING out over social media since Tuesday night from well-known metal musicians and fans alike — than the fact that he struck up and maintained a friendship with a friggin’ Fox News anchor. Chew on that during these crazy, fucked up, and most of all divided times.

You can watch the clip below, along with another one from earlier in the broadcast showing Gutfeld, Power Trip shirt on, gabbing with other talking heads about their disdain for Black Lives Matter protestors.

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