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Quiet Riot to Continue With Members No One Cares About

  • Axl Rosenberg

It’s been less than a month since the death of Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali… but someone in the band’s camp thought that this was a good time to announce new tour dates!

“QUIET RIOT – 2020/2021 Because life goes on! 

“It was Frankie Banali’s wish that the band continue and we keep the music and the legacy alive.

“Chuck Wright has been in the band off and on since 1981 and played not only on the song ‘Metal Health’ but many other QUIET RIOT Albums. Alex Grossi has been in the band since 2004 touring and recording. Jizzy Pearl has been a member of the QUIET RIOT family since 2013 and Johnny Kelly has been doing a great job filling in on drums this past year with Frankie’s blessing. 

“We are happy to have shows on the calendar with many more TBA and very much look forward to celebrating the history and legacy of QUIET RIOT with all of you in 2021 and Beyond…!!

“More Tour Dates Added, More TBA….Stay Tuned…!!!”

A few thoughts here:

  1. The use of the phrase “life goes on” — right at the top of the statement, no less! — demonstrates an “It is what it is” level of callousness. Almost immediately invoking Banali’s name just makes it worse. Is the band doing this to honor Banali, or are they doing it because, eh, people die and we’ve got bills to pay?
  2. It’s never a great sign when a band needs to devote a sizable portion of their statement to establishing their current line-up’s bona fides. I say that, by the way, as a huge fan of Johnny Kelly (ex-Type O Negative, duh), and as a less-huge-but-still-respectful fan of Jizzy Pearl and Alex Grossi, who have both been staples of the PPGM (Post-Peak Glam Metal) scene. But if Banali and Kevin Dubrow were still alive, you wouldn’t need to tell people how long they’ve been in the band. I mean, okay, Chuck Wright was sort part of the band’s classic line-up, but really, when people think “Quiet Riot bassist,” they think “Rudy Sarzo.” So they have to have this whole paragraph asserting that this band has a right to use the Quiet Riot name, even though right now you could literally have a Beatles reunion with more original members involved.
  3. The tour dates are for October, because somehow people are really just not getting this shit. Good to remember that this version of Quiet Riot was one of the bands that played at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which is linked to 250,000+ new coronavirus cases and counting. And yet, Quiet Riot are still touring. Way to learn your lesson, fellas.

I’m not gonna copy and paste the tour dates here because seriously fuck this shit. But you can get ’em in the Facebook embed of the announcement below, which, you’ll note, does not contain a band photo, presumably so some fans don’t notice they’re paying to see a glorified cover band.

[via Bring Back Glam!]

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