Death Spiritual Healing Bobbleheads: F*cking Terrifying


You don’t start a band called Death to attract the Disney set, and the cover of Death’s legendary third album, Spiritual Healing, was always intentionally disturbing.

Still, the limited-edition Spiritual Healing bobblehead (above), which is being sold with an upcoming vinyl reissue of the record, is a trillion times more unsettling than the original album artwork. This is largely because it looks like it was designed by a prison inmate in an art therapy course. It’s not as crude as the coffee mug your kid made for you in arts and crafts, but I think that’s actually what makes it so fuckin’ creepy — it’s too good to be by a kid, but somehow still really crude-looking.

If you wanna scare the shit out of people, you can buy one of these (along with the aforementioned Spiritual Healing reissue on colored vinyl) here for $70. They’re only making 500 of these so you better grab one while you can.

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