FINALLY, We Know What Songs Rob Halford Would Sing With Lady Gaga


I recently sought out recommendations on my Netflix account, and the algorithm was all, “Nope, you’ve scraped the bottom of the barrel and waded through the shittiest levels of shit, there is officially nothing left for you to watch. Go to sleep.”

For SOME reason I simply can NOT explain, I thought of this upon learning that People recently asked Rob Halford what song he’d perform with Lady Gaga, assuming he ever got to perform a song with Lady Gaga:

″I would definitely do ‘Born This Way’ because that’s [the LGBTQ community’s anthem. As far as Priest songs go, I think I’d like to do ‘Breaking the Law’ with her because it talks about the frustration that we go through, particularly as young people. You don’t know what it’s like, you haven’t got a clue. You’d do the same thing too, breaking the law.”


The idea of Halford getting to sing with Gaga isn’t that far fetched — the pop singer infamously performed with Metallica at The Grammys a few years back, and she’s hung out with Halford in the past.

It also sounds really exciting… in terms of generating traffic for MetalSucks. As a fan of Halford’s, I could not care less. Lady Gaga seems like a nice-enough person but she’s not my glass of whiskey and I didn’t feel like she especially elevated the aforementioned Metallica performance. Call me when Halford wants to do something with St. Vincent.

But I’ve got five kids to feed. So, yeah. Pray this happens.

Halford’s new autobiography, Confess, is out now. You can listen to a sample from the audiobook version, read by Mr. Halford himself, here. Go here to check out a funny Judas Priest/Lady Gaga mash-up from 2011.

[via Metal Injection]

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