Exclusive Video Premiere: Arch Echo’s Gloriously Proggy and Nerdy “Strut”


I’m not gonna lie: a big part of the reason I was so intensely drawn to Arch Echo’s “Strut” when the band came to us about premiering its video is that these dudes remind me so much of me! Just a buncha nerdy dudes vibing out to some proggy ass weirdo shit and having a great time doing it. No metal poses, no tattoos, no long hair, no affectations — just FEELIN’ IT and loving life. It helps that they’re all fantastic at their instruments, too — certainly way better than I ever was — and that “Strut” is a hella catchy tune with groove, swagger, bounce and some serious riffs. But this is the sickest shit of all right here precisely because there is zero pretense. That will alienate some capital-M Metal folks, naturally, but I gather the guys in Arch Echo don’t care.

Give it a whirl below. The band’s new EP, Story I, is out now and can be ordered here.

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