King 810 Should Just Change Their Name to King 2020

  • Axl Rosenberg

King 810 have released a new song, “Red Queen,” and it’s so bad it makes me think that the band should change their name to King 2020 so they’ll be forever associated with this deeply shitty year. Listening to it will kill more brain cells than huffing three entire canisters of whipped cream, only it won’t get you high. If you can figure out what the lyric “We’re living living like we’re dead/ You’re living living like the sickness in your head” means, congratulations, you speak Idiot.

The accompanying music video was directed by frontman David Gunn, which makes it a miracle that it’s in focus.

Meanwhile, the band’s new album is gonna be called AK Concerto No. 47, 11th Movement in G Major. That’s not a particularly clever name, but it does make me wonder who explained to King 810 what a concerto is, what a movement is, what G major is, and what the numbers 11 and 47 are.

Make yourself stupider by watching the “Red Queen” below. AK Concerto blah blah blah comes out November 13 and can be pre-ordered, presumably as a gag gift for someone you don’t like, here. The track list is as follows:

  1. “AK Concerto No. 47”
  2. “Red Queen”
  3. “I Am the Enemy”
  4.  “Hellhounds”
  5. “Love Under Will”
  6. “DaVinci Hands Pinocchio Nose”
  7. “Dukes”
  8. “House of Dust”
  9. “Love Bomb”
  10. “Suicide Machines”
  11. “2A”

I don’t know why it’s “DaVinci Hands” and not “Da Vinci Hands,” but I’m sure there’s a moronic explanation.

So anyway.

King 810 Should Just Change Their Name to King 2020
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