Watch T-Pain’s Reaction to Trivium: “God Damn! Holy Sh*t!”


Trivium frontman Matt Heafy performed last night (November 14) at the afterparty for GlitchCon, an all-day livestreaming event hosted by Twitch that took place yesterday from noon to midnight.

Heafy, a prolific Twitch streamer, performed a brief set of Trivium songs at the very metal hour of 11:42pm, after which the afterparty’s host, rapper T-Pain, enthused about the show with a series of expletives, absolutely blown away.

When the stream cut back to T-Pain after Heafy’s set ended, the rapper said:

“Oh my god! Shout out to everybody else that got their fuckin’ face melted a second ago! Good god! What!? I didn’t know we was allowing that shit today, I thought we were just doing bizzle bag (?). But OK, whatever you want!

“Please show some emote love in the chat for Matt Heafy! God damn! I gotta look up in here [holds book] how to not get your face melted… God damn! Jesus! I appreciate you guys man!

“Look, holy shit. Do we move on after that? Are you sure it’s not just done?”

You’ve got to watch the clip to fully appreciate T-Pain’s level of shock and enthusiasm. Give it a look below.

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