Enlarge Watch a trailer featuring Black Crown Initiate's James Dorton performing a song in the game.

New Metal: Hellsinger Video Game Features Vocalists of Trivium, Arch Enemy, Black Crown Initiate and More


Renowned FPS developer David Goldfarb of The Outsiders has promised that their upcoming rhythm shooter Metal: Hellsinger will be “more metal than metal.” The game’s publisher, Funcom, has released a gameplay-centered music video proving his point.

Featuring vocals from James Dorton (Black Crown Initiate), “Poetry of Cinder” gives you a feel of the atmosphere that awaits you in the darkest corners of hell. Check out a video of the gameplay below featuring James’s devastating vocals and some footage of him performing the track.

Vocalists of a number of other notable metal bands are featured in the game in a similar way, including Trivium’s Matt Heafy, Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz, Dark Tranquillity’s Mikael Stanne, Soilwork’s Björn “Speed” Strid and more.

Metal: Hellsinger is a rhythm FPS, where your ability to shoot on beat will increase your power and intensify the music. The developers have taken great care to make the music as central a part of the game as the action and have therefore created a whole new way of designing in-game music. Every level has its own song, and every song is divided into multiple layers, ranging from atmospheric background tunes to powerful metal anthems. Your performance determines how many layers of the song will be played, with the vocals kicking in as you peak.

The game is slated for release on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X in 2021, and will be optimized for next-gen consoles, with improved visuals, up to 120 frames per second, and drastically reduced loading time.

This video should give just a taste of how the demonic shooter action of the game absolutely drips with metal. 

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