Glenn Danzig’s Girlfriend Says He Hates All the Memes About Him


Glenn Danzig broke the internet (again) last week when a photo of the Mothafuckn’ Brick Mover in Chief himself wrapping Christmas presents made its way online. Something about Danzig indulging in holiday cheer — with bare feet and pink scissors, naturally — brought a whole lot of light into all of our lives, made all the sweeter by how grumpy it must’ve made him.

Now the photo’s originator, Glenn’s girlfriend, the model and actress Ashley Michele Wisdom — who quickly deleted the Instagram story with the photo after realizing the shitstorm she’d caused — has taken to the scene of the crime to host a Q&A, and she was startlingly forthcoming about her relationship with the mysterious Misfit.

Metal Injection has dutifully transcribed the Q&A, which includes the revelation that she doesn’t know any of his songs (the two have very different tastes in music), all of his clothes are, in fact, black, the couple love watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills together, and — shocker — Glenn hates all the memes about him, just a few of the topics covered:

Is Danzig your boyfriend?
Soul mate ;) Two years now.

What’s Glenn’s wrapping skills like?

How are you and Glenn spending Christmas?
With my daughter and grandma.

Do you like Glenn’s music?
I’m only familiar with “Mother,” I prefer Britney Spears (laugh emoji)

Misfits, Samhain or Danzig, what’s your favorite?
I don’t have a favorite because I don’t know any of his songs. (Crying emoji) I had no idea who he was before we met (Sticking out tongue emoji)

Are all of Glenn’s clothes black?

How did you and Glenn meet?
On set working on the Verotika movie.

What happens to the props in movies like Verotika? Are they put away in storage?
Glenn has multiple storage units and keeps the cool stuff.

Are you okay that Glenn gets more attention than you? No offense.
I’m not a jealous person and he’s worked his ass off to get where he is now. I’m proud.

Marriage to Glenn soon?
Ya never know (sticking out tongue emoji)

Is Glenn good with your daughter?
The best!

Is Glenn going to surprise your daughter and dress as Santa?
Haha, no but he probably would if I asked, lol.

What’s your favorite date that you and Glenn have been on?
Hmm, probably when we were in Spain.

Before the pandemic, what did you and Glenn like to do for fun? Like the ideal date night?
Concerts, dinner, watching movies, shopping for me lol

Would you like to have a child with Glenn?

One day!

Who is Glenn’s favorite wrestler of all time?
I have no idea, I’m not into wrestling so I never engage with him when he’s watching.

Who gets to decide what you guys listen to on the radio in the car? Take turns?
Me, I’m bossy.

What’s your and Glenn’s favorite TV show to watch together?
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (laugh emojis)

Do you have any matching tattoos with Glenn?
No, I made that mistake once already when I was 16 (laugh emoji)

When you met Glenn did you do any Youtube research and watch old classic interviews?

Did Glenn tell you the story of recording a song and the song recorded backwards?
No, I haven’t heard that one lol

Have you been to a OG Misfits gig?

Serious question, does Glenn see those dumb memes and ever laugh at them?
He hates then, and anyone who makes them, FYI.

Do you and Glenn go to church?
Nope, neither one of us is religious.

What toothpaste/other products do you and Glenn use to keep your teeth looking so fab?
Crest White

Don’t you now feel enriched with all that extra knowledge about Glenn?

Have a look at a few of our favorite memes based on the recent Christmas present wrapping photo below, starting with the original.

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