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Serj Tankian Has Another Entire EP Already Written


System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian’s new EP, Elasticity, isn’t even out yet; the first single just came out last week! But the singer and multi-instrumentalist is already eyeing his next release, revealing in a new interview that he’s already got an entire additional EP written, with several other projects in the works.

Elasticity — that’s the one coming out in March — consists of a group of “rock songs” Tankian was working on by himself at least as far back as 2018, saying at the time they were originally written for System but that he now planned to release them as part of a solo EP in light of the creative differences that continue to keep System of a Down from making a new album.

The next EP, on the other hand, he describes as “a different genre of rock, more electronic and mellow and beautiful.”

Speaking to Kerrang!, Tankian said he’s got several other projects in the works, including the EP:

“All I can tell you is that I have some material ready from last year because lockdown was a musician’s studio dream, in a way. You can get in and work because you don’t need to travel or anything else. I was able to create and finish a lot of music as well.

“I was able to finish this EP, I’ve created another EP of a different genre of rock, more electronic and mellow and beautiful. That type of music. I’ve got two records of cinematic music, instrumental music of stuff that I’ve had that I created for the sake of it, and a 24-minute modern piano concerto that I’ll be releasing this year.”

“I know I’m scheduled to do some film scores, and they’re accompanying genres and flavors that I enjoy, because each film is different, each director wants a different thing. I’ll end up with a record — a soundtrack — of music that I’ve never done before that I could completely create: that’s an artist’s wet dream, right? Whatever comes to me from the universe in terms of the type of music, I have no idea…”

“Elasticity” arrived with a fun music video that serves as commentary on the monotony, unfairness and hamster-like existence of every day life. You can watch that below.

Elasticity comes out on March 19 via Alchemy Recordings/BMG; pre-order here.

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