Doom-Pop Outfit Som Unveil New Single, “Youth // Decay”


Wouldn’t you know it, the same day I finally got around to writing up Som’s previous single after having it open in a browser tab for two weeks, the band goes and drops an entirely new song. Dudes were probably like, “What the fuck, MetalSucks? LATE!” Serves me right for taking for-damn-ever.

I just hope people pay attention to this band, though, ’cause I really dig ’em, so whatever, right? I’m tempted to copy and paste what I wrote on Thursday in case anyone reading this missed it… and not at all because I’m not sure what else to say only three days later, nope, definitely not.

A quick refresher: Som are comprised of current and former members of Constants, Junius and Caspian, recently signed to The Ocean mastermind Robin Staps’ Pelagic Records and will release a new six-track EP, Awake, next month, consisting of two originals and four remixes.

Listen to “Youth // Decay” below. Awake comes out on March 5; pre-order the EP and limited-edition merch here. You can listen to the previous single, “Awake // Sedate,” right there.

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