Video: Metallica’s “One” But Every Instrument is My Voice


Remember those annoying a cappella troupes in high school or college? Those dorky kids who did full vocal-only arrangements of everything from Beethoven to the Doobie Brothers? Cheesy and cringy as they were, there’s no denying they could be quite good with the right voices and preparation. You kinda liked it, but maybe you didn’t tell anyone.

This is not that.

YouTuber kjl3080 has taken a unique approach to Metallica’s classic song “One,” but it’s not only his most metal choice of song that sets it apart from the a cappella arrangements you’re used to hearing: it’s actually just this dude multi-tracking every part with his own voice. The guitars, bass, drums, vocals, all of it.

What’s more, it’s far from perfect. But that’s what makes it so awesome! Dude didn’t spend hundreds of hours charting out the arrangement, mapping out a click track and repeating take after take until he got it right… he just friggin’ WENT FOR IT! Essentially just humming and makeshift beatboxing into a crappy microphone. And it’s absolutely glorious.

Have a listen below; you’re smiling! Check out his recent version of “Enter Sandman” too, while you’re at it.

Thanks to Nick E. for sending this one in!

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