Here’s a Dude Twerking To Papa Roach in the Shower

  • Axl Rosenberg

Here’s a dude twerking to Papa Roach in the shower.

Why did he twerk to Papa Roach in the shower?

Why did he film it?

Why did he release the video to the whole wide world?

Why am I writing about it?

Why are you going to watch it? (And you are going to watch it. You haven’t made it this far only not to watch it.)

I’ll tell you why.

Because it’s 2021 and we just don’t give a shit anymore. We want videos as logical and long as your average Family Guy cutaway. I’m typing this one with one hand while playing Words with Friends with the other, it’s only one of 5,710,014 tabs I currently have open. I don’t have time for an episode of Frasier, let alone anything as long or narratively complex as The Godfather.

Anyway here watch this you cretins:


#fyp #viral #foryou #clapper #doublecheekedup ♬ last september mashup – thquib

[via Louder]

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