Exclusive Song + Video Premiere: Mouth for War’s “Manifesting You”


A man once famously told us all to hold our mouths for the war. But Mouth for War ain’t holdin’ shit. This Colorado quintet plays pure, untainted metallic hardcore that has all the subtlety of a nuclear bomb. It’s like Hatebreed wrote a song for Xibalba or pre-Underneath Code Orange.

And you want a brutal breakdown? “Manifesting You,” Mouth for War’s new single, has a fucking BREAKDOWN. There’s a moment around the 1:47 mark that will simultaneously break your jaw and make you orgasm.

Piles of bricks only wish they were as heavy as Mouth for War.

MetalSucks is stoked to debut “Manifesting You,” the first single from Mouth for War’s forthcoming album Life Cast in Glass. It’s the band’s debut full length (following 2019’s An Ear Kept to the Ground EP), and their first release for 1126 Records.

As frontman Trae Roberts explains, “Manifesting You,” like so much great heavy music, was born of a need to exorcise some very real pain:

“I wrote all of Life Cast in Glass about my little sister who was killed in January 2020. The song, ‘Manifesting You,’ touches on the subject of some very vivid painful dreams I had during my time of grieving — nights of anxiety attacks in my sleep where I swore I could see the silhouette of my sister. This album is packed full of my grief and deep feelings that I find hard to share with anyone, and I’m very excited to get this piece of art off my chest.”

Check out “Manifesting You” via the below music video.

Life Cast in Glass comes outMay 14. Pre-order it here!

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