Best Mash-up Ever of the Day: Slipknot x Barney the Dinosaur


I guess Barney the Dinosaur is just kinda in the air right now.

Last month, the iconic children’s television character appeared in a music video for Warish, the metal band featuring Riley Hawk, the 28-year-old son of pro skating legend Tony Hawk.

Now a Redditor who uses the hand SoBizzare has released a mash-up of the Barney theme song with Slipknot’s “Wait and Bleed.” ADORABLE! You can view it below.

In mid-February, Corey Taylor teased some “massive” Slipknot news coming “in the next month or so.” Given that it is now mid-April, that estimate was obviously off. Still, hopefully Maggots are getting a treat soon.

In the meantime, Clown just sold an NFT for $14K, so if you were worried about the band members putting on food on the table, well, PHEW!, y’know?


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