Gost Unleashes New Single, “Coven,” Album Coming in August


Synthwave pioneer Gost continues his shift away from the music he built his career upon, diving headfirst into industrial metal and post-punk on his brand new single, “Coven.” The song comes from the solo artist’s forthcoming album, Rites of Love and Reverence.

Gost explains:

“’Coven’ is a piece that seemed to write itself, flowing almost effortlessly from some unexplainable source. This song is told from the perspective of a persecuted witch who is proud of her coven and will die before she betrays her sisters. In memory of the many victims throughout history, by which mere accusations of witchcraft condemned the innocent to death.”

I sure hope that’s not an allegory for so-called “cancel culture” and today’s political climate. I don’t think it is, but it’s a question worth asking.

In any case, the song bops: it’s got a hard-charging beat, an industrial backbone and post-punk-inflected vocals, with trace vestigial elements of Gost’s early synthwave sound.

Watch the video for “Coven” below. Rites of Love and Reverence comes out on August 13 via Century Media; pre-orders don’t seem to be available yet, oddly… sorry, folks.

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