Metal Music for Different Activities


Metal is great for motivation, relaxation, energizing, and pretty much any activity you can think of. Many people grab their phone and headphones when they head to the gym or out on the run, and there’s nothing better than turning the music up loud while you clean the house. Creating playlists for all your favorite activities is lots of fun, whether you make a playlist for playing online games, shopping in the supermarket, or relaxing before you sleep at night. If you love metal, there is no reason at all why you can’t find the perfect tracks for every activity in your day, so here are a few ideas to get you started.

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Great Tracks for Cleaning the House

Why not start with some tracks from Children of Bodom to get you fired up? Their name sounds a little like “boredom,” and to be fair, cleaning the house isn’t anyone’s favorite job. Their track “Everytime I Die” (no relation to the band of the same name) came out in 2000 and had a mid-paced groove compared to some of their more frantic tunes, and it’s perfect for scrubbing the bath or washing the dishes. You likely want a little Iron Maiden in your playlist, so how about “Die with Your Boots On,” which is what you can threaten will happen to your housemates if they walk across the carpet without taking their shoes off after you’ve taken the time to hoover.

Hit the Road with a Driving Playlist

No matter what adventure you are headed for, it is essential to have an epic driving playlist at your disposal when you get in the car. Motorhead seems like an obvious choice here, and “Born to Raise Hell” seems like a great choice if you are en route to a concert or festival. If you are driving to the airport for a much-needed holiday, how about adding “I Will Return” by The Black Dahlia Murder? It could also be your parting shot to work when you clock out for the last time on a Friday before you start two glorious weeks of vacation time. There are plenty of great metal beats that can break up the boredom of a long drive and stop you from feeling sleepy!

Getting Ready for Bed?

If it’s time to sleep and you’re a metalhead, why would you listen to anything else? An obvious choice here is Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” although be careful you don’t give yourself nightmares thinking about the monsters under your bed. Another one of our favorites would have to be Machine Head’s “Be Still and Know,” which ultimately feels like a metal meditation track thanks to its hypnotic and meditative quality. Sure, it’s a little loud and in your face, but it should come as a lullaby to any metal fan.

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Hitting the Gym Metal Tunes

If you are looking to boost your workout energy and create a fierce gym presence, then a metal playlist for the gym is certainly a great way to go. Let’s start with “Pulse of the Maggots” by Slipknot, a fan favorite. It certainly has undertones of living your best life and really going all out for your beliefs, so there is motivation in spades to keep you going as you pound the treadmill or snatch your weights. Perhaps a bit of Motley Crue will keep you in the zone, and we simply love the adventurous undertones of “Wild Side,” first released in 1987, just to make anyone who was alive at the time feel really old! It’s one of Crue’s most anthemic jams, which we think makes it utterly perfect for an hour or so in the sweatbox we call the local gym. Crossfitters will also enjoy the relentless nature of metal, so if you are into this form of fitness, be sure to add some metal to your exercise tunes

Metal Music for Different Activities

Metal to the End 

While others might think it’s a little irreverent to blast these tunes in the context of romance, a true metalhead to the last won’t think twice about playing these songs for their lovers. Let’s start with a bit of a tearjerker in the form of Ozzy Osbourne’s “No More Tears,” which, when played in its entirety, gives you a good seven minutes of reflection. It’s a totally dynamic classic and features an epic bluesy slide line to boot. We all know that friend who is a little less subtle when it comes to their musical passions, and we have heard from funeral directors that both these next picks have been requested in funeral services, as hard as that is to believe… but after all, we should always be true to ourselves, and our families and friends obviously knew how much metal means to us. So let’s continue with a bit of Judas Priest and their classic “Beyond the Realms of Death,” which is just brilliant; a stunning guitar solo, soaring vocals from Rob Halford and one of K.K. Downing’s best performances. To finish, we will leave you with one of the best metal songs ever written, and it too is perfect for that final goodbye. Black Sabbath take the stage with their ’80s hit “Heaven and Hell,” but this time it’s vocalist Ronnie James Dio taking us to new highs. The best!

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