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Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Guests on The Dead Deads’ New Track, “Murder Ballad II”


Of all the vocalists in metal who offer their services as special guests on your band’s song, Corey Taylor is quite obviously the biggest get. He’ll instantly make your song better, that’s a given — we’d expect nothing less from The Lord of All That is Good and Holy on This Green Earth™ — but the press boost alone has gotta be worth its weight in Covid vaccines. I don’t think we’d be writing about The Dead Deads if not for his cameo… no offense to them, I’m sure they’re swell, I’d just never heard of them before.

So: Taylor guests on a new Dead Deads track titled “Murder Ballad II” from their upcoming album Tell Your Girls It’s Alright, due out August 20 on Rumble Records. And here we are writing about it. And it’s very good!

Bassist Daisy Dead explained how the collaboration came to be:

“It went from, ‘Yay, we’re on tour with Stone Sour‘ to ‘Yay, Corey might want to co-write for the new record’ to ‘Yay, here’s a single and a video with CMFT,’ and it all felt pretty natural and also a bit surreal. I mean, our band dressed as Slipknot for Halloween once, so, yeah! It’s wild.”

Taylor himself added:

“I got turned on to (The Dead Deads) by their album ‘For Your Obliteration’… which is such a great album and is some of the best songwriting I’ve heard in years. We had the chance to have them on some Stone Sour shows, and me and Tish hit it off as songwriters. She said, ‘I’ve got this idea for a follow-up to ‘Murder Ballad,’ which was essentially ‘Murder Ballad II.’ Through video, we went back and forth, building this song and working it out. It became something really really cool.”

It’s a decent song; I like it! It’s got some strong Tom Petty “It’s Good to Be King” vibes, but spookier and little more rocking. And, all kidding aside, it has accomplished its goal of sparking my interest in the band beyond Corey’s involvement. Give it a spin below.

[via The PRP]

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