Enlarge Prepare for what could be the most epic performance of "Blood and Thunder" ever.

Mastodon to Perform at Georgia Aquarium


Prepare for what could be the most epic performance of “Blood and Thunder” ever: Mastodon have announced a special VOD show, to be filmed at the Georgia Aquarium.

If you’re thinking “Wait a sec, isn’t all that noise gonna bother the poor fish?”, you can rest easy: it’s an acoustic performance.

Still. If they can scream “WHITE! WHALE! HOLY! GRAIL!” in front of an actual whale, this will blow those GWAR, Dying Fetus, and Morbid Angel Fishcenter Live performances out of the water (no pun intended). And yes, I checked — they do have a white whales at the Georgia Aquarium. Small ones, but still.

The performance will stream via Dreamstage for 72 hours starting Friday, July 16 at 12:00 AM EDT. Tickets and merch bundles are available here; $1 from each poster sold will be donated to the Georgia Aquarium.

Sez Mastodon:

“We are excited to announce Mastodon Captured Live At Georgia Aquarium July 15th! We’ve teamed up with Dreamstage to bring you a special VOD experience! It’s an intimate acoustic performance, in a way you’ve never seen us before!” 

Adds Dreamstage:

“Come see Mastodon amongst the sharks! Celebrate Mastodon’s 21st year with a once in a lifetime streaming experience. Mark your calendars for July 15th, Mastodon will be performing at an out of this world venue. You don’t want to miss Mastodon as you’ve never heard them before at the Georgia Aquarium for this rare event. This is the kind of show all your friends will be jealous of, bring them along for the ride. Tickets and bundles on sale now.”

You can watch a brief promo video for the event below.

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