Enlarge Attila's new song, "Day Drunk," sounds a lot like Manson's old song, "Dope Hat."

Attila Sound Like Marilyn Manson Now

  • Axl Rosenberg

Attila caught flack for their last new song, “Metalcore Manson,” because between the song’s title and the single art utilizing the font from Marilyn Manson’s first album, Portrait of an American Family, fans assumed the band was identifying with/emulating the shock rocker. Which is obviously not a great look for anyone right now, given the recent allegations against Manson… and is a TERRIBLE look for Attila, 75% of whose members were accused of sexual misconduct in 2020.

Fronzak has since said the song’s title and lyrics are actually a reference to Charles Manson, and that ought to be the end of that little controversy…

…except that now Attila have released a new single, “Day Drinking,” and despite what the title might suggest, it sounds like nothing this band has ever released before. Y’know what it does sound like, though? The song “Dope Hat”… from Portrait of an American Family.

Seriously, just listen to the verses from these two songs side-by-side (I have it all synced up for ya):

So that’s pretty fucking weird.

You can watch the entire Attila/”Day Drinking” video below. The band’s new album, Closure, comes out July 23.

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