Now Attila’s BASSIST Has Been Accused of Sexual Misconduct


For the third time in a week, a member of Attila has been accused of sexual misconduct.

First, a woman alleged that she had sex with frontman Chris Fronzak when she was underage.

Then the band fired their drummer, Bryan McClure, after an ex-girlfriend claimed that he anally raped her while she was passed on Attila’s tour bus.

Now their bassist, Kalan Blehm, has ALSO been accused of having sex with a minor.

According to The PRP, “The original allegation made against Blehm appears to have been made private via the woman’s Twitter privacy settings as of press time.” Still, Blehm has issued a public response denying the charges:

“On November the 5th, 2011 my previous band played a show in Denver, Colorado, it was this night when I met Lisa. On this evening, in conversation, Lisa would state that she was 21 years old. That night we engaged in consensual intercourse, and kept in touch from time to time, but never met up again.

“That brings us up to the present day, and Lisa has made a claim that on the night of 11/05/2011 she was actually younger than she originally stated to be. For legal reasons and the safety of the other party, I am not going to blast this information, although if you know her full name the information is public.

“The person accusing me has a DOB in December 1992, making her over the age of 18 in November 2011. I do not wish to slander this person over the internet and anything that is pursued further can be done so in a more legal manner.

“I apologize to anyone who thought I may have done something against my morals, but I have not. In the end I hope this person finds peace in whatever she’s looking for.”

Blehm provides what he says is further evidence of his innocence in the below tweet. We’ll let you know if more information becomes available.

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