Eighteen Visions’ New Song Will Help You Party Like It’s “1996”


Eighteen Visions’ new single, “1996,” is the best song they’ve released since the eponymous album in 2006. That’s largely because it’s based mostly around a series of elephants marching riffs. This is some Godzilla-stomping-Tokyo-to-bits shit right here.

Not hurting things is the song’s subject matter, as explained by the band:

“It was 1996. At the time, Huntington Beach had no shortage of white supremacists and we were always finding ourselves in a tangle with them. I was serving detention on a Saturday during the first couple of weeks of my senior year in high school. As I entered the detention room I took a shove from one of the Nazis we had a beef with that carried over from the previous school year.

“The hours couldn’t pass soon enough and as the bell rang I was able to catch him outside where I took him to the ground. Once again, I had gotten the better of him and exposed him and his hateful ideas to those that witnessed the events.


Listen to Eighteen Visions’ “1996” below.

This is the third new recording Eighteen Visions have released in the past month, after covers of Alice in Chains’ “Them Bones” and Vision of Disorder’s “D.T.O.” The latter song, incidentally, was originally released in 1996.

[via The PRP]

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