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Avenged Sevenfold: New Album Coming Before Summer 2022


In a new chat with Kerrang!, Avenged Sevenfold singer M. Shadows lamented how fans often latch onto small bits of quotes and blow them out of proportion. “The reason we don’t say much about the music,” he said, “is because we find that every single word we say about it just gets spun off.” So of course we’re going to do just that!

“And there’s no way to describe music. It’s like, ​’Oh, it’s heavy, it’s fast…’ What are we gonna say about it?” he continued. And then he said this:

“It’s a work of art that we’ve worked on for a long time; we had a bunch of personal things that we’ll explain later… but we’re booking shows for next summer, and the record will be out before then.”

Avenged Sevenfold’s new album will be out before next summer, at which time the band will tour. What other way can we possibly interpret those words? Even for scummy clickbait trash like MetalSucks there’s not much to twist!

A new album would be the band’s first since The Stage was released in October 2016. As of February of this year they said they were “70% done” with it and as of March they were still in the studio. Shadows described the new material as “over the top, eclectic and wild.”

Should the band tour in 2022, it will also be the end of a lengthy hiatus: they haven’t performed live since first half of 2018, after which previously booked summer shows that year were canceled due to Shadows’ vocal infection.

In October of last year, the band said the following as part of a longer update to fans:

“We don’t feel comfortable working on an album this long and then releasing it with no tour in sight. Part of the music we make needs to be expressed through live interaction.

“While we appreciate the artists who are attempting ‘live streams’ and other events, it just isn’t the way we are choosing to roll this thing out. All of this may change in the future. We are going through this with all of you and feel frustrated as well.”

The wait is almost over… sort of. Stay tuned! I’m sure there will be all sorts of updates from the band before too long.

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