Satanic Planet (Ex-Slayer, the Locust, Etc.) Release Ominous, Kaleidoscopic Video for “Strangers”


As a kid in New York City in the ’80s, I was taught that there’s nothing more dangerous than strangers. It took but a whisper from an adult I didn’t know to send me spiraling into a panic that I was about to meet my grisly demise. And people wonder why I’m such an anti-social asshole.

I was reminded of this perpetual-feeling-of-slight-anxiety while watching “Strangers,” the new music video from Satanic Planet. The clip, which was directed and edited by Dennis Bersales, might very well have some deeper symbolism/meaning than I’ve gleaned… but simply on an experiential level, it instills the viewer with a distinct sense of dread. I was watching it at my desk, and part of the way through, I realized that I’d unconsciously slid my chair back, putting some distance between myself and my computer. I think I was half-expecting the clip to end with a creepy little girl crawling out of the screen to murder me.

Make sure you’re in a well-lit room with some Xanax handy and watch the video below.

“Strangers” appears on Satanic Planet’s eponymous debut album, which is out now on Three G One. Get it here.

Satanic Planet is:

  • Lucien Greaves (The Satanic Temple co-founder and spokesperson), 
  • Luke Henshaw (Planet B, Sonido de la Frontera), 
  • Dave Lombardo (Slayer, The Misfits, Mr. Bungle, Suicidal Tendencies, Dead Cross) 
  • Justin Pearson (The Locust, Dead Cross, Swing Kids, Deaf Club)
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