Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell Releases Solo Song With Members of Guns N’ Roses and The Dillinger Escape Plan


We knew this was coming, but now it has arrived: “Atone,” Alice in Chains guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Jerry Cantrell’s new solo single. The song is a big deal because a) it’s the first single from Cantrell’s upcoming album, Brighten, b) Brighten will be Cantrell’s first solo album since Degradation Trip in 2002, and c) it features former Dillinger Escape Plan members Greg Puciato and Gil Sharone along with Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan.

Here are my random thoughts after one listen to the song via its music video.

-I love it!

Brighten is SUCH a good name for a Jerry Cantrell record!!

-This song is to Jerry Cantrell as “Blaze of Glory” is to Jon Bon Jovi: it’s basically every song he’s ever written, only with some country-western elements. Even the videos are kinda similar.

For the record, I love “Blaze of Glory,” much as I love “Atone.” I’m just saying, no one will hear “Atone” and confuse it for anything other than a song by the dude from Alice in Chains.

-I know this isn’t really relevant to a discussion of the song, but Cantrell looks like Kid Rock’s wizened older brother now.

You can check out the song and video below. Cantrell co-directed the clip with Puciato, photographer/musician Jim Louvau, visual artist Jesse Draxler, and photographer Tony Aguilera. Brighten comes out October 29.

Brighten Tracklist

1. “Atone”
2. “Brighten”
3. “Prism of Doubt”
4. “Black Hearts and Evil Done”
5. “Siren Song”
6. “Had To Know”
7. “Nobody Breaks You”
8. “Dismembered”
9. “Goodbye” (Elton John cover)

[via Rolling Stone]

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