Enlarge The follow-up to 'Isometric,' released in 2015.

Periphery Guitarist Jake Bowen Unveils “The Daily Sun” Solo Track


Periphery guitarist Jake Bowen’s first solo album, Isometric, which came out back in 2015, was fantastic, a maelstrom of chilled out electronic vibes ala Tycho or Massive Attack. Even more fantastic: seeing him perform the songs live in a well-filled but not packed Saint Vitus Bar one steamy summer night a couple of years later (opening for Infinity Shred). Isometric is available on Spotify if you’re so inclined (I recommend it).

Six years later, Bowen is back with an eight-track-long new album, The Daily Sun, and he’s unveiled its title track. It sounds nothing like Periphery, and as much as I love that band, that’s a good thing: this is what side projects are for! It’s quite good, and if you’re into electronic music at all you’re gonna dig it.

Explains Jake:

“‘The Daily Sun‘ is the first piece of music I completed for my upcoming record. This track stands out to me because it’s a leap forward in sound design and arrangement. As I return to my solo project after a seven-year lag, I realize that whatever I release has to be the most honest representation of where I am musically, and I feel this track is just that.”

Listen below. The Daily Sun comes out on October 1 via Periphery’s own 3DOT Recordings.

Bowen’s bandmate, Misha Mansoor, just put out a solo album of his own.

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