Enlarge Geddy Lee was in his 20s when he first recorded this song.

Video: 9-Year-Old Girl Covers Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” on Bass, Nails It

  • Axl Rosenberg

Tom Sawyer is meant to be 12-years-old at the time The Adventures of Tom Sawyer takes place. That’s three years older than Ellen Alaverdyan, the girl who expertly covers Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” on the bass in the below video.

Ms. Alaverdyan, age 9, is also fourteen years younger than Geddy Lee was when Rush first released this song in 1976. In fact, she’s five years younger than Lee was when he first started playing bass.

And not only that, but she apparently just started to play bass in April of 2020.

I’m saying this is one impressive little girl.

Watch Ellen cover “Tom Sawyer” below. You can watch more of her videos here.


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