Enlarge It's the band's second song with new singer Nikki Brumen (ex-Pagan).

Blood Command Release New Song “The End is Her”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Blood Command’s most recent single, “A Villain’s Monologue,” is one of my single favorite songs of 2021. As of this writing, it has 384,220 listens on Spotify, and half of which I would conservatively estimate come from me alone. It’s an angry, catchy, confidence-building anthem about ending a toxic relationship, and if you somehow haven’t listened to it yet, I truly cannot recommend highly enough that you do so ASAP.

Alas, the group’s new single, “The End is Her” — their second with new singer Nikki Brumen (ex-Pagan) — doesn’t hit me the same way. In fairness, it is by no means a bad song — I just don’t jive with Blood Command’s more indie rock/pop-punk material, under which heading “The End is Her” falls. I actively hope that everyone else likes it more than I do.

Blood Command mastermind Yngve Andersen comments: 

“’The End is Her’ is for the losers, for the wallflowers and for the people who never quite fit in. It’s a song about feeling so invisible that no matter how loud you scream, no one will hear you. For anyone who burns so brightly but nobody else sees even a flicker of the flame.

“I wrote the lyrics at time when I was feeling weak and alone but used this darkness as ammo to become stronger. You never know what is going on in someone’s mind or what they are capable of, so I want this song to remind people to never underestimate the outcasts. That we have the ability to use the doubt of others to ignite something inside of us – to strike a match and light the world on fire.

“It felt right to release this track next, as this was the first song I showed Nikki when I first asked her to join the band. I knew she could scream, but I’d never heard her actually sing, so I gave her this song to record and send back to me, just to make sure she was the right fit. I was actually playing a show when she sent the demo back and let’s just say, I partied really hard that night. It was a dream come true.

“We’ve shown the heavier side of the new era of Blood Command with ‘A Villain’s Monologue.’ Now it’s time to shake it up with ‘The End is Her’ – quintessential Death Pop, this is the anthem for anyone who has ever thought it won’t get better but has found solace in realising they aren’t the only one who is suffering.”

Listen to “The End is Her” below. Blood Command will provide support of Kvelertak’s 2022 European tour. Here are dates:

Jan 13 Energimølla Kongsberg, Norway [tickets]
Jan 14 Union Scene Drammen, Norway [tickets]
Jan 15 Verket Scene Moss, Norway [tickets]
Jan 20 Parkbiografen Skien, Norway [tickets]
Jan 21 Artilleriverkstedet Horten, Norway [tickets]
Jan 22 KICK Scene Kristiansand, Norway [tickets]
Jan 27 Sentrum Scene Oslo, Norway [tickets]
Feb 02 Røkeriet, USF Verftet Bergen, Norway [tickets]
Feb 03 Terminalen Ålesund, Norway [tickets]
Feb 04 Samfundet Trondheim, Norway [tickets]
Feb 05 Samfundet Trondheim, Norway [tickets]
Feb 08 MeetFactory Prague, Czech Republic [tickets]
Feb 10 Szene Wien Vienna, Austria [tickets]
Feb 11 Z7 Konzertfabrik Pratteln, Switzerland [tickets]
Feb 12 Werk, Backstage Munich, Germany [tickets]
Feb 13 Kulturzentrum Schlachthof Wiesbaden, Germany [tickets]
Feb 14 Patronaat Haarlem, Netherlands [tickets]
Feb 16 TRIX Borgerhout, Belgium [tickets]
Feb 18 Islington Assembly Hall London, UK [tickets]
Feb 19 Manchester Academy 2 Manchester, UK [tickets]
Feb 22 FVTVR Paris, France [tickets]
Feb 23 LE METRONUM Toulouse, France [tickets]
Feb 25 Mon Madrid Madrid, Spain [tickets]
Feb 26 Razzmatazz 2 Barcelona, Spain [tickets]
Feb 27 Kafe Antzokia Bilbao, Spain [tickets]
Mar 01 Ninkasi Gerland KAO Lyon, France [tickets]
Mar 02 Club Vaudeville Lindau, Germany [tickets]
Mar 03 Matrix Bochum, Germany [tickets]
Mar 05 VoxHall Aarhus, Denmark [tickets]
Mar 07 Pustervik Gothenburg, Sweden [tickets]
Mar 08 Kulturbolaget Malmö, Sweden [tickets]
Mar 09 Debaser Strand Stockholm, Sweden [tickets]
Mar 11 Tavastia Klubi Helsinki, Finland [tickets]
Mar 12 Klubi Tampere, Finland [tickets]
Mar 13 Lutakko Jyväskylä, Finland [tickets]

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