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Myrone Posts Tribute to David Lee Roth, “Thank U Dave”


Friday’s revelation that David Lee Roth will retire from performing after a five-show residency in Las Vegas this coming January was a bit jarring but not necessarily surprising. DLR has done it all in his multi-act career, and there’s something respectable about calling it quits at 66 years old and quietly enjoying the rest of his life instead of forcing himself out on stage into his 70s and beyond like so many aging rockers do.

Roth’s (and Van Halen’s) legacy reaches far and wide, and while most of that influence falls indirectly on today’s musicians — i.e. there would be no such thing as shred without Eddie Van Halen and the music he made with Dave — a number of musicians wave that flag high and proud, infusing it directly into their craft.

Myrone, who we’ve been covering on MetalSucks for as long as I can remember, is as fervent a torch-bearer for VH as anyone, and he’s released a new song in honor of Dave’s retirement aptly titled “Thank U Dave” that’s the most fitting tribute imaginable. All it’s missing is Dave’s vocals, and that’s the bittersweet part: couldn’t Dave have continued long enough to make one last album with Myrone?? It would’ve been all aces, no doubt. Sigh.

Jam “Thank U Dave” below. You’re headbanging.

Roth just released a new single called “Lo-Rez Sunset.” Myrone continues to stay active with Firstborne, the band also featuring ex-Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler and current Megadeth bassist James LoMenzo.

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