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Whitechapel Debut New Power Ballad “Orphan”

  • Axl Rosenberg

I strongly suspect that Whitechapel’s new song, “Orphan,” is gonna cause a stir. Yes, the band has released material with clean vocals before. And yes, “Lost Boy,” the first single from their new album Kin, already demonstrated that album will find the band stretching their creative legs.

But “Orphan” is really a whole other level. It’s very much a nu-metal power ballad — think Staind’s “So Far Away” or Adema’s “Planets” — except it has a much (much, much, MUCH) better guitar solo. There is absolutely no screaming; by comparison, Killswitch Engage’s “Always” seems like the heaviest song ever.

I don’t mean any of that as a diss, by the way. I think creative evolution can be a wonderful thing, and I dig this song! I’m just aware that the Internet hates change. “Orphan” is more polished-sounding than the material on Suicide Silence’s self-titled album, but the shift in sound is still as radical. I just think people are gonna have thoughts.

Maybe you’re one of those people! Find out by watching the David Brodsky-directed video for “Orphan” below.

Frontman Phil Bozeman says of the track:

 “‘Orphan’ represents the battle of accepting what reality has given me within the story of ‘Kin,’ and the battle between me and my alternate reality’s realm.”

Whitechapel’s new album, Kin, comes out on October 29 via Metal Blade. It will be the band’s first album with their new drummer, Alex Rudinger (ex-The Faceless, etc.). Listen to the most recent single, “A Bloodsoaked Symphony,” here, and pre-order the album here.

Whitechapel Debut New Power Ballad “Orphan”
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